Why mum’s the word in the LP world….

A few of the possible reasons LPs do not shout from the roof-tops! – or even provide good feedback… Benefit Many LPs would ask you what is the benefit?  Why speak out?  I’m overwhelmed with interesting deal flow and the last thing I need to do is generate YMI (yet more inbound)?  Why do this at…

A Human User Interface….with lots of quirks

  In information technology, the user interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a human being may interact. I’ve borrowed that phrase to describe my interactions with other humans too. A human user interface encompassing personality, cultural, emotional and even physical qualities. It’s a fun way for me to describe people…


The transition is nearly complete. And funny enough the stress level has never been higher. It’s been a year since we firmly decided to leave Austin and move to Boulder. It was something we had been talking about for at least a year before we committed to it. Then we told our friends in January….

Boulder or Bust.

I’ve been going to Boulder since the Summer of 1980 when my grandparents took me to visit my Uncle Tom Ellison. I doubt they made the Grateful Dead show that summer but I’m betting my uncle did! My mother’s only sibling, Tom moved to Boulder from Austin and bought a farm out by Boulder Reservoir…

Why Foundry Group Next?

The Path and the Process As I considered my next path after UTIMCO, I went through a series of considerations that revolved around some fundamental questions: What are my strengths? Where does my passion lie? Who are my people?   First, I sought out the intersection of the first two:  My strengths and my passion….

The backstory on the name – Lindel’s Leap

When you grow up in Texas, it’s quite common for your parents to ship you off to summer camp starting about 8 years old.  Some kids love it.  Some are homesick.  With the benefit of hindsight and my role as a parent, I now know that none of us kids realized just how happy our…