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Celebrating 4 Years of Boulder

Celebrating 4 Years of Boulder Living We closed on our house on June 2nd, 2015 and I left UTIMCO back in September of 2015, but we didn’t really arrive in Boulder until July 16th, 2016. This weekend marked 4 years of Boulder for our family. We’re happy to be here, just like in the picture…

Learnings from our community

One of the values that I’ve really internalized over the last few years is to think about the world in terms of networks, and our own value or role in those networks. The more interesting networks are not hub-spoke networks but rather mesh networks that can and do create value even while missing a node….

Reflecting on five months

Yesterday marked five months since I got the phone call from my mother. We lost my brother on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019. 40 years and 5 days after he came into this world. We buried Jonny’s ashes on October 5th with great love and support from a community of friends and family. It was really…

Jonathan Ellison Eakman

We are left with a sense of deep sadness and loss for a brother and a son.

Le Tour

Today wraps up the final stage of this year’s Tour de France or “Le Tour”. This is my admission of love for this event. I’m certainly not a bike rider (wrong shape for that) but I simply love to follow this one cycling event each year. It’s not just the amazing bikes, incredible physical feats,…

What happens if you do get a big win?

Go ahead and click this link and hit play. It definitely changes the read (warning: explicit). I was recently asked to talk to a room full of founders and one of the questions was sorta taboo.  Not something that we talk about often but a real-life issue that everyone in that room hoped to face….

Don’t let that negative bias win out

I was thinking about our predilection for negative bias on the way into work today.  Mostly in the context of the broader community but then that led me to muse about partnerships and spouses.   If I’m being honest, I was internally cursing the fools that run in the middle of the street in Boulder….

A Churning LP Landscape (and a bunch of great jobs)

As a venture investor, we often bemoan churn in our SaaS companies but we’re also seeing churn in our LP base too. Increasing staff turnover in the LP world has been a trend for several years and it has implications for institutional portfolios and private investment managers alike.   If you’re a GP, you should…

The LP Anti-Portfolio

The idea of an “anti-portfolio” reflects some of the great investments where you had the opportunity to participate but missed for one reason or another. There are many excuses, as you’ll see below, but the truth is that you completely screwed it up. This idea was first shown to me in the Bessemer Anti-Portfolio and…

Talent Networks

At the highest level, venture investors are looking for talent and to invest behind that talent. Obviously, it must be a talent that is lined up against an interesting opportunity. Hopefully, it’s a fully complete and talented team of people with specific domain expertise but it may just be a single founder with a burning…