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Boulder or Bust.

I’ve been going to Boulder since the Summer of 1980 when my grandparents took me to visit my Uncle Tom Ellison. I doubt they made the Grateful Dead show that summer but I’m betting my uncle did! My mother’s only sibling, Tom moved to Boulder from Austin and bought a farm out by Boulder Reservoir…

Why Foundry Group Next?

The Path and the Process As I considered my next path after UTIMCO, I went through a series of considerations that revolved around some fundamental questions: What are my strengths? Where does my passion lie? Who are my people?   First, I sought out the intersection of the first two:  My strengths and my passion….

The importance of Timing.

Timing in Life is Key. When I was formally promoted to run the UTIMCO private markets group in 2007, it was clear to me that I had a big job for someone in their early 30’s. I was recently engaged, remodeling a house, and had my hands full running a large private portfolio.  Life was…